Phinney Flats is not reasonable for Phinney Ridge!

phinneyflatsredcirclePhinney Flats is the new building proposed at 6726 Greenwood Ave. N, to replace Ed’s Kort Haus & Stumbling Goat restaurant.

There has been almost unanimous neighborhood opposition to this project since it was first proposed almost two years ago. It’s simply the wrong project in the wrong place.



Livable Phinney, a group of concerned neighbors, has decided to appeal Phinney Flats. There are several issues that make this project unreasonable.

  • EXTREME DENSITY – 57 tiny units (220-375 square feet) on an 8000 square-foot lot. This building will likely have high turnover and offers almost no amenities for tenants.
  • NO PARKING provided with an estimated 37-43 more vehicles added to the neighborhood’s already overcrowded on-street parking
  • INCREASED TRAFFIC AND CONGESTION with inadequate load zones and building access
  • INADEQUATE TRANSIT – The #5 bus is very crowded now during peak hours and will will be significantly overcrowded with increased demand.
  • EXCESSIVE HEIGHT, BULK, AND SCALE for the small lot bordering single family properties. Setbacks are not reasonable and are likely illegal.

Concerned neighbors have formed Livable Phinney, a Washington nonprofit corporation, and have appealed the city’s Decision on this project to the Hearing Examiner, raising Land Use Code and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) issues.

Livable Phinney is not against new development, renters, or new people moving here. We are FOR respectful development that will make a lasting contribution to our neighborhood.

We need your help! Together we can keep Phinney Ridge Livable. Please DONATE and help our Appeal become a win for the neighborhood!

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